By AA Patawaran

Illustration by Oteph Antipolo

Illustration by Oteph Antipolo

It’s just a little scary, it’s just a little hopeful, however life has all the time been this manner. Or has it, actually?

The signpost says: “Gone digital,” and, by means of that portal, we’ve gone to a whole ever-unfolding universe. No borders, no limits in time or house, no partitions, no ceilings, no flooring, no gravity, it stretches from right here to eternity. Who is aware of how far it goes, the place it ends?

Meanwhile, life’s a-changing, however it hasn’t modified this a lot and this quick and it’s altering sooner and sooner by the minute. This new gadget in your hand can be outdated earlier than it and all that can be new after it will likely be outdated even sooner. How come my childhood TV—the cumbersome one which had its personal cupboard, the one so cumbersome it occupied your complete room—lasted me a lifetime, if I needed to hit it 3 times for the display to clear up, if I had to make use of a pair of pliers to vary the channel? Ah, these had been the times when issues weren’t designed for obsolescence! Things had been constructed to final, and so had been our memories.

Memory. That, I’m afraid, is a casualty on this age of the iCloud, Google contacts, and the reminiscence card. I used to know the phone numbers by coronary heart. I’d stroll onto the campus, scan the parked automobiles within the parking zone, and by the plate numbers that I had memorized, I knew which of my buddies had been there. Now in case your smartphone battery dies, and there are different smartphones in all places you would use, who’re you going to name? All your reminiscence is within the lifeless telephone. Someday, we would even neglect 9-1-1, not that it’s a common quantity for emergencies, however three digits, what a chore to recollect! My velocity dial has lengthy taken the burden of reminiscence off my again.

The improve, that’s one other factor. If it ain’t broke, why repair it? Unless you may make it larger, smaller, faster, higher, and, most essential, fetch more cash for you. Evolution has all the time been about making issues higher, proper? And enterprise has caught up. The improve is the brand new mannequin of commerce and it has been so aggressive, invasive, insidious it has discovered its method to our friendships, our marriages, our careers, however what profession? We can’t be “just” a author or a lawyer or a banker or a stylist or a photographer or an editor or an entrepreneur as a result of multi-hyphenating, that’s what we do now. We need all of it. We will be every thing! So when do you improve your marriage? How do you improve your folks? The secret is within the improve. Nobody desires to be the identical.

Change is fixed, however nothing is fixed, not even change, which is altering on a regular basis. I pity the younger, whose solely ace is their youth as a result of youth is so momentary. Before it there can be crescent moons underneath your eyes. Before it you’ll have grey hair sprouting in your scalp. Before it you can be outdated. And it will likely be too late to look again as a result of all you will note is all that’s expired, no long-lasting memories, as a result of your icons don’t final lengthy, your idols are forgettable (since you all the time ditch them for somebody new), your influencers don’t have anything aside from one million followers, a few of them robots or faux accounts, on social media, and your reminiscence is rather like your iPhone battery, short-term, all the time operating out of juice, going, going, gone very quickly.

Your reminiscence, already bursting on the seams with an excessive amount of, too quickly and with out the virtues of endurance, focus, and consideration to particulars, has nothing to latch on, weakened additional by your propensity to only look forward, all the time wanting ahead, by no means wanting again, like a horse on blinders. Your solely 360 view is on Facebook.

How blessed was I that I had the expertise of the centuries to information me by means of the quagmire that was my youth, that I had my elders maintain my hand as a result of I allow them to educate me how one can skip the traps, the detours, the deadends. I adored the ages! And not simply in literature, but in addition in eyes which have seen a lot, additionally in pores and skin weathered by so many adventures within the solar and underneath the moon, additionally in fingers which have held a lot, touched many years’ value of textures and tones, and not solely the chilly, lifeless contact display of an iPad.

Ah these children who scoff on the outdated, are you aware what you’re missing? History. Wisdom. Magic. Adventure. The glories of a life unaided by ease and comfort, when meals was cooked by hearth, not by magnetic induction; when love was handwritten in ink on paper, not on email correspondence or quick messaging system; the place baggage was carried by hand or by pony, not rolled throughout the ground; when desires had been made wanting up on the stars or out on the horizon, not down in your cell phone.

What you see once you look again is what has survived time. What you see once you’re too targeted on the current is the litter of all that’s taking place and vying for consideration. What you see once you look ahead is just potentialities. Not one among these viewpoints is healthier than the opposite. View 360 is all the time the most effective, although it didn’t even catch hearth on Facebook. Be aware of your time—in it should lie the previous, the current, and the longer term all on the identical time.

Has life actually been decreased to pixels and gigabytes in your smartphone or all the various issues occurring in your social media feeds? In Honolulu, it’s now against the law to textual content and stroll. It’s against the law to even look down in your telephone whereas crossing the road. Now are you able to prepare a road rendezvous along with your Tinder date? That is likely to be against the law, too, if she or he had been to ship you on a wild goose chase, as Waze would, by means of the crowded road—“Turn left at the corner, ascend the footbridge, look to your right. There, do you see me? Have you found me? I don’t look like my picture, but I’m wearing red.”

With hope, once you do discover your approach, the journey would final you a lifetime, and I hope your memories of that journey don’t self-destruct in 24 hours, as in Snapchat.

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